Load Share Interface Card (CSALSI)

The purpose of the Load Share card is to provide a means of allowing proportional load share of different size engine/generator sets running together on a Ross Hill type system.

The normal way a Ross Hill type system provides load share of different size engine/generator sets is by different CT ratios with corresponding meter scales.

The CSALSI card installs in about an hour and requires no change of CT's or meter scales.

The CSALSI card has 6 individual circuits which can be used for many different configurations. Circuits "A" through "C" are identical circuits and are used for manipulating KW and I TOTAL signals to the power limit pc card from the odd size engine/generator set. Circuit "A" is usually used for the KW power limit signal and circuit "B" is used for the I TOTAL power limit signal. Each can be adjusted for an increase or decrease of the signal in order to match the power limit board setting. Circuit "C" is usually a spare but could be used in place of "A" or "B".

Circuit "D" is used to manipulate the KVAR meter of the odd size generator. Its purpose is to "trick" the KVAR meter into showing equal kvars when the generator is actually proportionally load sharing. This circuit can either increase or decrease the signal to the meter.

Circuits "E and "F" deal with altering the KW command signal. Circuit "E" is for increasing the signal for a smaller engine as a master to a larger engine as a slave. Circuit 'F" is for decreasing the signal for a larger engine as a master and a smaller engine as a slave. Both of these circuits also contain a circuit to allow the proportional load share to automatically switch to equal load share when the load is very light thus keeping the smaller engine from going into reverse power. The threshold of this automatic switch is adjustable and should be set by a qualified technician.

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