Emergency Control System

PLC control systems offer a lot of versatility with the simplicity of a single small control cable to the drill floor. Most of the time they are very reliable but there are many ways a PLC can suddenly stop working. Communication cable problems, loss of power to the driller’s console and PLC failures are examples of the PLC’s unreliability.

Not “if” but “when” this happens, the rig will be completely shut down until someone can locate and remedy the cause. As you know, just stopping the drilling operation for a short time can result in down time but worse than that, the drill string could get stuck and may be lost. The resulting loss could be thousands of dollars in equipment as well as the loss of a customer.

Well...fear not! Control System Associates has the solution!

An Emergency Control System

Our Emergency Control Panel shown above is a miniature driller’s console that is “hard wired” into the SCR system. It will give the rig total control with in a few minutes after a PLC loss, to either continue drilling or trip out of the hole. The Emergency Control Panel usually installs in one day (during rig-up).

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